24 Jan 2014

MEPI Alumni Network Moroccan Chapter:

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International Workshop for Volunteerism

April 7 – 17 , 2013

The US MEPI Alumni Network Moroccan Chapter, the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, participated in The International Workshop for Volunteerism under the theme “Volunteerism for Global Peace” which took place on March 7-17, 2013 in the city of Fkih Ben Saleh.  The event was organized by the Municipality of Fkih Ben Saleh and had the active contribution of local, national and international organizations representing Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Spain and Morocco.

      The Opening ceremony hosted many special guests from different institutions including the General Secretary of the Province, the head of the Municipal Council of Fkih Ben saleh City and other representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of National Education, local organizations as well as MEPI Grantees. The event provided the Moroccan Chapter of the MEPI Alumni Network with a unique opportunity to showcase the chapter’s activities and projects.

      Participants greatly enjoyed the chance to meet like-minded people, the opportunity to   network, explore new ideas and share experiences and best practices. Different activities were conducted under the framework of Volunteerism for global peace such as planting trees, gardening, graffiti and excursions.

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