17 Nov 2012

Congress activation curriculum civics 8 and 9 July in Casablanca

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The Moroccan Center for Civic Education and the University Boxling Green (Ohio-USA) will hold the 8th and 9th instant in Casablanca, “the Congress activation of civics curriculum.”

This forum, initiated in coordination with the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, training managers and scientific research and the Hassan II University (Faculty of Arts and Humanities Ben Sik ), falls within the framework of the implementation of the curriculum of civic education and activation of the “Partnership Initiative for Civic Education.” The Forum said a communiqué of the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, aims to initiate exchange of data and information on projects and activities proposed by the civic education curriculum on the Partnership Initiative for the civic education, the launch of the operation of curriculum and consultation about teaching approaches appropriate for the implementation of this document.

It aims, moreover, the formation of a national team that specializes in research and evaluation essentially responsible for the study of the impact of the implementation of civic education curriculum in educational institutions and training.

Participants in this meeting, from different regional education and training, working on civic education modules developed for school students and students of teacher training centres. The “Partnership Initiative for Civic Education” is part of a dynamic synergy between the experiences and expertise of national and international attention paid to management education and civic behaviour in the areas of education and training.

The launch of this initiative took place in January at an international conference on civic education in January 2008 in Marrakech.

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