3 Jan 2019

CIVITAS Regional Institute (CRI)

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As the main goal of the CRI was to support and enhance regional collaboration and create opportunities to work on projects that would be beneficial to all the sites in the Middle East and North Africa region, the main event for the 2011 program year was a Civic Education Regional Conference. The CRI invited one participant from each country across the MENA region. Only Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Mauritania attended. Other participants were not able to make it due to the uprisings in their respective countries. At the conference, participants were invited to share innovations and best practices in the field of civic education. In addition to showcasing exemplary work, a number of methods were discussed to assess regional needs. In September 2011, a delegation visit was paid to Egypt and Tunisia to provide the partners over there with technical assistance in terms of civic education programs implementation and strengthening their management capacities.

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